Bazmodian - Tempore Octavo

Before the Campaign

pre-campaign adventure

A recount of the actions the characters took.

5 Adventurers were found from random parts of the world to undertake a very important task of delivering goods and a map to a small town near Neverwinter. This remedial task was complicated by the mapholder being kidnapped and enslaved by goblins. Following an abusher from the trail, the group found the mapholders guard and freed him from a band of goblins and their bugbear leader, after scalping and skinning a few goblins.

Back in the town of phandalin, Brysies murdered and scalped many patrons of the local inn, while Sprockrocket hit on the innkeeper. Sprock learned of the local town while his fellow adventurers intimidated and murdered the townsfolk. After a run in with the Redbrand Ruffians, the group captured one and tortured him into telling them the location of the secret hideout. Brysies and Perra learned of a secret tunnel, and in this tunnel, ran into a Nothic. Brysies sacrificed her scalps as tribune to the Nothic in return for a piece of treasure. Many murders later, the gang found Iarno, a wizard that has been using the redbrands to gather ingredients for powerful potions and spells. They stole his staff and left him to his business.

Along the way, they ran into a Banshee and successfully talked her into divulging information.

A three day travel later, they arrived in a broken down castle. Brysies single-handedly took down the leader of the goblins, as well as a shapeshifter whom held the map to the wave echo cave, AND saved the mapholder from his captivity. Sprockrocket single-handedly killed 13 goblins all at once, then passed out from his surprise. Perra almost died trying to soothe a savage owlbear. good times. Thats about all that has happened so far.

In the time spent decimating the castle and its inhabitants, Sprockrocket found a sun elf statue that allowed him to ask how he can become the most powerful wizard in existence. It told him to seek out Goras Vanderlaosz, in the Acedemy of the Arcane.

The group killed a war band returning to the castle, brought Gundren back to Phandalin and hung out in the town for a while. Brysies killed the rest of the people in the hideout and Frank and Mythriele killed the Nothic. Sprock attempted to get the messenger killed by feeding him to the Nothic, while Perra whored herself out in the town. After a while, Brysies got anxious to move on and left a trail of scalps to her location because she had the map, and continued on toward the cave slowly.

Some time later the group decided to follow the blood trail in the middle of the night, and found Brysies sleeping at a campfire. Frank attempted to steal the map, to which Brysies responded by stabbing him in the eye. Frank left and knocked himself out on a low branch. The group slept and went to the cave and found a green dragon. Frank tried to kill the dragon while Brysies and Perra successfully snuck past the dragon. Brysies reasoned with the dragon that the only thing they were there for is to kill the Black Spider and leave. It agreed to let them go as long as they do not take anything out of the cave with them.

In the cave they found Tharden Rockseeker dead. They found a few magic items and killed a floating skull, athe black spider, and tons of other creatures. Mythriele collected the bone fragments of the floating skull, and currently they are resting behind a locked door in the back of the cave.


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